How to Create Content for E-commerce Websites

How to Create Content for E-commerce Websites

If you want your e-commerce site to succeed and keep growing, it needs to be visible on different search engines. To do that, you need content marketing to attract targeted internet traffic to the website. The following is a guide on how to create content for E-commerce websites.

Develop a content marketing plan

You will need to come up with a strategy to create, distribute, and manage your content. Your content should meet your business objectives, and you should also choose the right platforms to publish it. You also need to figure out your targeted audience since their behavior will determine your content marketing plan.

Write for people, not search engines

Your primary focus should be on your targeted audience and not search engines. It’s very easy to become captivated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keywords, and links to improve your search engine rankings. However, you should aim to provide quality content that will prove useful to a reader.

Create different kinds of content

Content is not just about text because you need different kinds of content if you’re to succeed. For instance, you can create an infographic or slideshow to visually represent your information and help your users understand your content quickly and easily. A video can give a brief explanation of the products and services you’re offering. You can have product reviews written to give other people a chance to provide their understanding of what you’re selling. Customer testimonials allow customers to provide feedback while user-generated content can boost your marketing activities. You can create newsletters to regularly communicate with potential customers and inform people of new products and services. Create an e-book for customers to download and use later.

Word Count

Consider your word count when creating your content. Lengthy product description will adequately inform your readers about your product, and it also shows Google that you’re committed to meeting the needs of your audience. Thin web materials get a lower rank while more substantive ones get rewarded thanks to an update on the Google Panda algorithm.

 Shun duplicate content

Apart from avoiding low-quality material, you need also to shun duplicate content, which happens when one copies text from some other source to use in a product description. Google will index the original content while duplicates receive a heavy penalty. Also, customers will ask themselves why they should buy from your store and not another one because you both have the same product description


Creating content serves to market your products and services, and you should put maximum effort in it. On top of providing useful resources for your readers, ensure that your content is fresh and original so that it’s helpful in marketing.

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